Dried Flower Glass Bottle


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Dried flower glass bottle, assorted multi-colored flower petals, pieces, and floral heads in a large clear glass decorative bottle tied with a chiffon silk ribbon. This bottle of dried flowers is a sustainable and eco-friendly gift and home decor item. In addition, all of our flowers and herbs are natural. Therefore, we do not use chemicals, sprays, or artificial ingredients of any kind in our products.

Use this beautiful flower bottle for your wedding, party, and special event decor. They are perfect as unique flower centerpieces for your tables. Put a bottle or two near your table place cards and next to your wedding guestbook.

In addition to wedding decor, these bottles make great home accents. Display them in any room of your home. Put them on top of your fireplace mantle for a rustic and nature-inspired look. You can also keep a bottle on your office desk or kitchen counter. Place this pretty flower bottle in front of a sunny window to let the light show all of its vibrant colors. You can also keep one in your guest bedroom to brighten up the space. Place a bottle at your foyer entrance so that everyone can see and enjoy it as they walk through the front door of your home.

Besides weddings and home decor, you can also give these pretty bottles as gifts to flower and nature lovers. This item is a romantic anniversary gift and a thoughtful birthday present. You can also give it as a unique housewarming gift. It also makes an excellent gift for a spouse, friend, or anyone who would love a bit of nature.

This dried flower glass bottle measures 3″ x 12″

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