Dried Citrus Fruit Slices


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Dried citrus fruit slices, oranges, lemons, and limes in various sizes and dark and light orange, yellow, and green shades. These citrus slices are natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly craft supplies and home decor items. Thirty (30) mixed dried citrus slices in a clear, biodegradable cellophane pouch are included in this order.

These fruit slices are a great way to add rustic beauty and nature to any space in your home. Use them as craft supplies for nature, fruit, and floral projects or table decorations for weddings and parties. Additionally, add them to a vase, plate, or bowl for a rustic, nature-inspired look.

They look great hanging in a kitchen, dining room, or bar area. Use them as a garnish to make fancy drinks and cocktails. Make a pretty citrus garland to hang on your fireplace mantle. String them to make a fruit wall backdrop at a party or event. Create holiday ornaments with them or make all-year-round hanging accents for your home. In addition to ornaments, make a lovely wreath from these fruit slices.

These dried fruits also make great car decorations. Hang a slice or two on your rear-view mirror. You can also make rustic wedding and party favors. Add them to dried flowers, herbs, and potpourri mixes. This fruit also makes great wedding and party decorations. Put them in a sachet or pouch and give them as gifts to crafters and nature lovers.

These citrus slices have a faint sweet and delicious fragrance. Although they are real, all-natural, and contain no chemicals or artificial ingredients, they are dehydrated and they have a dry, hard texture. Therefore, please do not eat them. In addition, please use them with gentle care around children and pets.

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